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If you're publishing eBooks to Kindle, B&N Nook Press, Apple, Kobo or any other publishing platform. Then you need to read this..

A few days ago the New York Times Published the latest sales stats from the AAP (Association Of American Publishers) citing that eBook & Audiobook Sales Were Up 13%.7 the first half of 2014 Alone!

This translated into over 1.2 Billion in dollars cold hard cash. I can testify that these stats are true, because my eBook sales are up MORE than 53% over the last year and still climbing.

Let’s put this into perspective…I can speak for my company, as well as other successful authors and publishers that I know that are making lots of money in self-publishing.

See, I’m one of those guys that knows if you follow laid out, clear cut proven steps you will be successful.

I'm not one of those Guru's that will tell you to just pick the lowest hanging fruit and you will reap the rewards!

My Philosophy Is : Do what makes the MOST money and takes the LEAST amount of time and effort!

This has served me well recently.In 2014 alone I've made well over $100,000+ in publishing royalties.

To do this I had to learn the hard way by researching, implementing, testing, re-testing and then re-testing!

Over time I was able to develop hundreds of techniques and strategies that would increase my book sales almost at will.

The Day I Hit $6,315 From One Account In KDP… I was ecstatic!

In January 2013 one of my Kindle accounts with about 40 books earned $6,315 in royalties, this was significant considering I Started the Account in August 2012.

What's even more significant is that I didn't have to spend months, weeks or even days slaving over promoting my books…

I followed very simple steps (that even teenagers have been successful in following) to drive sales and conversions that has maintained my earnings over $4,000 plus each and every month since applying my new strategies.

REMEMBER....eBooks Are Not A Recurring Sales Item

Let me be clear. eBooks are not like a box of cereal you buy at the supermarket each week. When someone buys your book ONCE then THAT'S IT!

If you don't have another book to sell to them then that reader is lost to you and may never buy another eBook from you again.

What this means that you must follow what we call Discoverability Strategies

NEW Readers Must Discover Your Books
(It’s the only way…)

In order to earn significant revenues you need to ensure that new readers are not only finding your titles but more importantly they are buying your titles.

I hear all the time "But Colin, This is NOT easy!". And I say You're RIGHT - It's not easy Its SUPER EASY!

Remember my philosophy:

Do what makes the MOST money and takes the LEAST amount of time and effort!

Following my clear cut steps I was able to DOUBLE my royalties within days of implementing some of my own strategies.

eBooks are not a trend that is going away any time soon nor is it the latest FAD! Don't believe me, then read this latest headline:

This is no exaggeration, these are COLD HARD FACTS - eBooks are here to stay and sales are growing…

The world's most popular authors are publishing eBooks, and the rise in sales are meteoric to say the least but there is One More Cold Hard Fact that you must realize and realize quickly:

"If eBooks are growing by triple digits or high double digits, it’s relatively easy to grow your own eBook business. When growth slows, and the marketplace gets crowded (and, boy, is it ever getting crowded), growing that eBook business becomes tougher" - Jeremy Greenfield, Forbes Magazine

That's right it's getting tougher and tougher and the field is getting more crowded unless you establish yourself in the market with my NINJA style strategies and tactics in order to become successful.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that you need to take advantage of this exploding market right NOW!!!

How Soon Can You See Results?
How About Immediately...

There’s a myth going around that you have to have a big publishing company or a massive marketing budget to profit from eBook Publishing but more IMPORTANTLY is the fact that: ANYONE can partner with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple and any other Publishing retail channel.

You do not need to be a main stream author a widely sought after writer or any sort of “expert” to make money from your eBook Publishing RIGHT NOW.

Want proof, well just see how this little known about book went from selling 23 copies to 13,167 copies in one day.

Any book, Any Writer, Author or Publisher and any Average Joe can do this. - How You Say?

The answer? Simply follow the clear cut steps that I'm about to make available to you - that's how

If your brain is bouncing around in your head , I can’t blame you; mine was too.

A Bit About Me…

My name is Colin Scott, and I'm neither a big time writer or author in-fact I'm what you call an Average Joe.  I started publishing books way back in 2008. But until 2012 I had never made over $1,000 in royalties.

That ALL changed in January 2012. As a New Year's Resolution, I began to take publishing seriously.

After dozens of online and offline courses, Conferences, Book Expos, author and retreat meetings, hours and hours of researching and testing, 12 months later I had a massively successful business with over 300 books in print and growing plus royalty revenues of just under $70,000 for the year.

Remember my philosophy:

Do what makes the MOST money and takes the LEAST amount of time and effort!

I followed this Golden Rule and through all the noise created100+ fool-proof strategies that I could apply to any niche I wanted to publish a book in and make solid returns almost overnight. 

Sounds simple? That’s because it is.

Here are some COLD HARD FACTS:

It doesn’t cost hundreds or thousands of dollars if you’re smart about creating your eBook publishing business.

In doesn't take hours, days, weeks, months and years to build a successful publishing business…

One Kindle Account = $4,000+ Monthly

In August 2012 I opened one Kindle Account to test strategies; these same strategies that you are about to learn. The results were mind boggling. Now that account makes me $6K each month with about 3 hours of work each week.

Here are a few snapshots of one of my 6 weeks earnings from my latest account created at the end of April 2013 with just 24 books and after 4 weeks:

That one Kindle Account alone will in a few weeks spit out more than half the cash in one day than most full-time jobs. Do the math yourself:

$506 x 52 weeks = $26,312 per year

That's more than 50% of the average salary in the US of $45,000 per year…from just one account.

If you want to kiss your day job good bye!... this is how to do it!

Today I;m  willing to teach you implement the right strategies to make money from your own eBook publishing business without doing HOURS and HOURS of mind-numbing hard work to sell your books.

Introducing Speedy Publishing Report


Speedy Publishing Report is a complete list of the 10 most powerful strategies and tactics that I use in my business today. They are the same strategies that I employed to an account I created a few weeks ago that is now making $500+ per week. These video lessons are so easy to understand and so easy to implement that a child could watch, understand, implement and start making money today!

Speedy Pub Report contains 10 Instant Action Video Lessons:

Video #1: Children's Book Explosion
Video #2: Amazon Email Strategy (This is not what you think!)
Video #3: Deep Discounts For Paperback Publishing
Video #4: Advanced Sales Pages
Video #5: GoodReads PPC & Giveaway Strategy
Video #6: Book Contests Extra Income
Video #7: Vook Your Book Apple Profits
Video #8: Operation Refresh
Video #9: Audible.Com Cash
Video #10: Offline And Online Marketing

This is not hype, exaggeration or a false claim; you can pick up Speedy Pub Report, watch it, Ten (15 Minute) Videos and read it, ten (10) PDF,s and start implementing these strategies. – These Videos and PDFs get you started in a matter of minutes.

This is step by step formula that goes straight to the point with information that you can use to take action immediately and is delivered in a user friendly easy to understand way.

Here is a look at some of the invaluable information you’ll learn from this Report:

  • How to use a little known strategy to create Children's books (one of the hottest market’s in Publishing today) and quadruple your earnings.
  • How to have Amazon.Com literally hand you their email list on autopilot.
  • How to have CreateSpace.Com double your earnings using deep discounts.
  • How to make your Amazon book sales page tell browsers to BUY NOW.
  • How to double your earnings in minutes with book contests.
  • How to publish on Amazon in KDP Select and on Apple at the same time.
  • Make your books stand out using a strategy that no one has picked up on yet.
  • How to maximize your profits using Audible.Com using a neat trick that none talking about.
  • How to laser target your Niche Research to have people buying your books in droves.
  • How to use GoodReads.Com to tap into an army of buyers and readers.

Use these strategies, our Speedy strategies and tactics are 100% scalable. You can rinse-and-repeat the process as many times as possible.


But, there's more…

Speedy Pub Report “Bonuses”

In addition to all of the training covered inside the member's area of Speedy Pub Report, you’re also going to get access to 3 super hot bonuses:

BONUS #1: Top 20 eBook Niches Report

To kick start your eBook business we are giving you 20 hot niches that you can start publishing in immediately.

You get ten (10) hot niches that we choose using the awesome eBook Niche Explorer and another 10 Niches that are guaranteed to make sales once you rank (we use a proprietary method of choosing these niches).

BONUS #2: 20 eBook Cover Templates

You get a You get 20 FREE eBook Cover Templates to go along with your 20 Free niches to help you immediately create stunning eBook covers to help you kick start your eBook publishing business right now!

BONUS #3: Advanced Kindle Sales Page Codes

This is a Super HOT Turn your Amazon sales pages into a haigh converting cash funnel. These codes will help you to use Amazon Author Central to turn your Kindle Book Sales Pages into masterpieces that will have vistors clicking the order now button like crazy!!!

Don't get left in the dust when everyone else starts using these strategies:

eBook publishing is even HOTTER than making money with Adsense and Affiliate marketing, so learn these strategies NOW and turn your book pages into a cash cow!

Warning: We Are Milking Cash Cows

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You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying out Speedy Pub Report.

Not only do you get access to the 10 Speedy Lessons, the 20 Hot Niches Report, 20 High quality eBook cover templates and Advanced Kindle Sales Page bonuses…you get a full 30 day, 100% risk-free guarantee to go along with it.

Use these strategies to explode your sales and if you aren’t thrilled with the results, send our support desk an e-mail and get every penny of your investment back.

Thanks for your time.


Colin Scott - SpeedyPublishing.Com